The place to be – Central Park

Tours Apr 17, 2020

Ask yourself: How much have you been busy the past months? How much time you waist to go to work and get back to home every single day? When did you last went out for a walk in the nature? When did you last do something with your friends different than going to the bar?

You probably reached to a conclusion that you haven’t done something else than being busy all the time. This reflects on your emotions too! How have you been feeling lately? Has this busy world made you happy for at least one time? Take a break and escape the big city! Central Park can be the happy place for you!

And how can we help you? We offer different fun tours around Central Park! But why should you go to a Central Park tour? Our tours gather lots of people from different countries and cultures – what a better way to escape your monotonous everyday life or you can even meet the love of your life there, who knows?

We offer bike and walking tours – what a better excuse to ditch the grey sweaty gym for a day? Instead of cycling on the spin bike or walking on the treadmill have fun with the other tourists while exploring Central Park! It won’t even feel like you’re exercising! I’m sure you will feel better outside in the fresh and clean air!

If you are too tired from work and you want to enjoy yourself around the nature of Central Park or make a romantic surprise to your loved one, we can offer you our rickshaws! Our pedicab tours are perfect for you if you want to take a 50-minute break from your daily life. Just sit back and relax around the nature of Central Park.

Aren’t you excited yet? Take a break! Create happy moments in your life! As it’s said: You only live once, right? Don’t spend your whole life on the road to work and in the office! See our official tours or rent a bike now!

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