Bicycling in Central Park

Tours Apr 30, 2021

Central Park is the place where you can practice virtually every known sport, even rock climbing. But if one sport can take pride in being a park cult – that is biking. There are endless opportunities for riding. You can ride on your own with a rental bike on your own, take and organized tour, and even hire a guide for a more wholesome experience.

We at Central Park tours are proud to have one of the best offers available. Be sure to check our website before you visit the park.

Below we will give you some pro tips in what to do, how to proceed when you visit Central Park for some biking, and even some of our most favorite routes to ride your bike! Enjoy!

Biking on your own

First of all – there are a few rules you must follow:

  • Children below 14 must wear a helmet (you are advised to wear one, too).
  • You must ride in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • You are forbidden to ride on pathways.
  • You must only use the outer part of the recreational lane, when the drives are open for cars. However, you are obliged to use the drives when they are closed for traffic.
  • Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right to pass.

The best part of biking is that you can wherever you want, but faster than on foot, but also you have full independence and privacy. The bike lanes are clearly marked, so you won’t transgress on the rules above.  However, we recommend it to more experienced cyclists, or people that are more familiar with the park.

We have several offers, ranging from an hour to a full day. You can find our bike rental offer here.

The most popular route in Central Park is the Loop – a full circuit around Central Park. It is approximately 6.1-mile long and can take up to an hour. This is probably the best to start with in order to “introduce yourself” to the park (and to get to know it a bit better). Of course you can take your bike to any of the major attractions, as long as you follow the rules.

Other cool tracks are the on to Sheep Meadow, where you can stop for a picnic, go north, to the more wooded, calm areas. The Ravine is loved by all cyclists of the park. The Garden of Shakespeare is another cool. A curious fact about it is planted only with plants, mentioned in his plays.

More locations, really enjoyed by bikers are Central Park Mall, Wien Walk, Artists' Gate, and Frederick Douglass Circle.

the mall central park
The Mall

Guided tours

There is stiff competition, but our Central Park Bike Tour is one of the most preferred by park visitors. It includes visits the most famous sites in the park –   Strawberry Fields, The Shakespeare Garden, Bethesda Terrace, The Belvedere Castle, and more! It is perfectly fitted for cyclists of every skill, so don’t be afraid to join even if you’re not particularly skilled. The tempo is not the highest, so you can stop, take some pictures, chat with the guide, or just walk for a bit.

Please, visit our site for more offers!

Cycling is the religion of Central Park, followed by thousands! Whether you would like to enjoy your privacy alone, or with one of our exploration guided tours, you just can’t go wrong in exploring Central Park on a bike.

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