Can I have a Segway tour in Central Park? Are they forbidden?

Tours Nov 6, 2020

We at Central Park tours are totally pro modern technology! We even consider ourselves technocrats! We love having high-tech stuff in every aspect of our lives; unfortunately it is not always possible for any reasons.

What is a Segway?

Segway tours in Central Park are a good example for the statement above. Despite their growing popularity all over the world as means of transportation, entertainment and touring, segways are still not allowed on the territory of the park. But first, do you know what a Segway is? It’s like a small scooter that depends on self-balance and can reach up to 12.5 miles per hour. It was invented in 2001 and since then it became a NYC-favorite for travelling in the city hustle.

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But why is it forbidden in Central Park? New York City legislation states that: “Segways are another type of motorized scooter that is self-balancing with attached handlebars and a floorboard to hold a standing rider. Some types of motorized scooters may be authorized for public travel under State law, but all are prohibited entirely from operating within the City limits. Lawbreakers are subject to paying a $500 civil penalty and may have their motorized scooter impounded until all penalties and fees have been paid.”

Still, there is an ongoing debate that they should be legalized. In late 2015, a couple of Democratic lawmakers from Queens – State Senator Jose Peralta and Assemblyman David Weprin, tried to pass a couple of bills, hoping to exempt hoverboards from motor vehicle classification. However, this, along with several more attempts on making segways and hoverboards legal, were unsuccessful, and in 2020 you will still be penalized for riding them.

What should you do until they are legalized

Someday segways will enter Central Park. But what should you do until that day? Our suggestions – take a bike tour or a pedicab tour! Bicycles are the icons of Central Park, and can be seen literally everywhere around, due to the fact that they give you the freedom to go all over the park with your own pace. On the other hand, pedicabs allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy. You have an educated guide that can give you precious info, and you can see all the major sights without breaking a sweat. Also, you can take some walking distance or stop for some photos.

Our offer for biking tours

Our offer for a pedicab tour

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