Bikeways and bicycles in Central Park

Tours Apr 17, 2020

Because of the so called bicycle boom in the end of the 19th century bicycles became very popular in many cities. New York was not an exception. Bicycles have been used for recreational purposes as well as a convenient and fast way of transportation. Later however more and more people were able to afford cars and stopped using their bicycles.

Today bicycles are still used for utility cycling and commuting over short distances. These include delivery of various stock and going to work over short distances when the weather is good. Various bikes are used depending on the weight of the loads that have to be delivered. Bicycle messengers use bicycles with thinner wheels while the bikes used for fast food delivery are often mountain bikes which allow for  bigger carrying capacity. However the use of bicycles is very minimal and this is why parks like Central Park promote bicycling. During a limited time on weekdays and all weekend the use of motor vehicles is banned in the area of the park. This encourages people to use bicycles which they can either borrow from one of many bike rental stations or bring their own. The bikes that are available for rent are brand new and include helmets, locks and free maps.

Tours are conducted every day in the park. They include certified tour guides who will be by your side while you explore the most astonishing sites of the parks like Bike Tours, Pedicab Tours and Bike Rentals. There are several annual recreational rides in New York City like the Five Boro Bike Tour. Other companies organize road races in Central Park. They are available on some weekday evenings and during the weekend.

If you want to ride your bicycle away from the noise and exhaust fumes of vehicles do not hesitate to come to Central Park. Whether you want to take a tour, race or just enjoy a ride you can do it in the beautiful Central Park and take advantage of our services!

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