Central Park Pedicab Tour

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Explore Central Park in style with our Central Park pedicab tour! TripAdvisor has ranked our tour as one of the top 5 things to do in Central Park. Our tour covers the entire length of Central Park, offering an amazing overview of the whole park.

During the approximately 2-hour tour, we'll make various stops along the way to let you take a stroll and admire the stunning views of Central Park. Our stops include famous landmarks such as Bethesda Terrace, Strawberry Fields, The Bow Bridge, and Balto, among many others. We'll also take you to some of the hidden gems of Central Park, such as the Ravine, the secret waterfall, and our team's favorite - the Central Park Ramble!

Our Central Park pedicab tour is the perfect way to see and learn about the park's history, architecture, and landscape, all while enjoying a comfortable and relaxing ride. Book your tour now and get ready to be amazed!

Top attractions

covered on this tour

1. Balto Statue

This is the famous Balto Statue in Central Park. The statue is placed on a rock along the main road it was permanently installed there in 1925.

2. Bethesda Fountain

One of the most beautiful spots in Central Park. Located in the perfect center of the island. It opens a mesmerizing view of the Lake and the famous row boats

3. Bow Bridge

One of Central Park’s most romantic spots! Connecting Bethesda Terrace with the Ramble. It is also the first and most famous cast-iron bridges in Central Park.

4. The Carousel

A beloved Central Park tradition for almost 150 years. The Carousel consists of 57 hand-carved and painted Horses. Also one of the largest carousels in the USA

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How many people can fit in a pedicab?

Our bikes are three-seater. Which means that 3 adults can comfortably fit in each pedicure. In case you are not comfortable, we can always send another bike and split your group.