Central Park Pedicab Tour- The best way to explore the city

Mar 8, 2022

The pedicab tour in Central Park is one of the best ways to explore the park and the iconic parts of the city. The guides are full of local knowledge and can enrich your understanding of some of the most famous parts of Central Park and NYC, whilst you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

What is a pedicab?

A pedicab is a cycle rickshaw, operated manually by a guide.

How many people does a pedicab fit?

Our pedicabs can comfortably fit up to 3 adults.

How long are the tours?

You can choose between 1 hour tour and a 2 hour tour. The 1 hour tour covers the lower part of the park where 90% of the attractions are located. If you want to further explore the park, we recommend the 2 hour tour. It will cover all major attractions in Central Park, including Belvedere Castle, The Reservoir, The Great Lawn, Swedish Cottage and many more.

The main attractions covered by the Central Park Pedicab Tour

  1. Balto Statue

This is the famous Balto Statue In Central Park. The statue is placed on a rock along the main road. It was permanently installed there in 1925. The Balto Statue is a tribute to a Siberian husky and a sled dog, which led the final leg of the serum run to Nome, in which diphteria antioxin was transpored to Alaska, to combat the outbreak of the disease.

2.  The Carousel

A beloved Central Park tradition for almost 150 years. The Carousel consists of 57 hand-carved and painted Horses. Also one of the largest carousels in the USA.

3. Bethesda Fountain

One of the most beautiful spots in Central Park. Located in the perfect center of the island. It opens a mesmarizing view of the Lake and the famous row boats.

4. Bow Bridge

One of Central Park’s most romantic spots! Connecting Bethesda Terrace with the Ramble. It is also the first and most famous cast-iron bridges in Central Park.

5. Turtle Pond

The Turtle Pond is a completely man-made lake (like most lakes in Central Park). Named after the famous Central Park turtles and red-eared sliders.

6. Strawberry Fields

A tribute to the famous Beatle John Lennon! Located right across the street from his residence Dakota Building!

Where does the tour start from?

We offer 2 options to select from - you can either come to our store located at 870 7th Ave (just 2 blocks from Central Park) or you can choose to be picked up directly from the park. The second option is great, if you are already in the park and suddenly you realize how big Central Park is! In that case, you can select the option to be picked up from one of the many pick up zones in the park. We will of course point out the closest pick up zone and provide ETA of your tour guide.

Are there any spots where the tour stops and gives way to explore parts on foot?

Yes, of course! Of course! We love to show you Central Park and some of its beauty is not in plain sight. For the 1 hour tour, we have 3 designated spots, where you can get off and explore on foot. Those spots are Bethesda Fountain, Cherry Hill and Strawberry Fields. You can take additional time on the stops and explore in more detail. The 2 hour tour includes 2 additional stops - Belvedere Castle and The Great Lawn.

Where is the drop-off at the end of the tour?

Generally, we finish all pedicab tours along 59th street, which is the south end of Central Park. You can talk to your tour guide, in case you want to be dropped off somewhere else. Here are some sample rates for additional pedicab taxi service
From Central Park to Times Square, will cost you around $20 per pedicab
Central Park To Grand Central will be around $25 per pedicab
Central Park to MET Museum - $15 per pedicab
Central Park to Natural History Museum - $20 per pedicab
Central Park to Penn Station - $30 per pedicab We can also drop you off at your hotel. If your hotel is located in Midtown, you can talk to your guide and he will drop you off for FREE.

Want to get prepared for the tour?

Check out this 3D Map of Central Park and give yourself a virtual tour.

How much does the Pedicab tour cost?

The 1-hour tour is 53$ pp and the 2-hour tour is priced at 89$ pp.

How to book a tour?

You can book a tour directly with us via the link here or with our team on - (347) 746 - 8687 or on info@centralparktours.net

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