Top five affordable places to eat near Central Park

things-to-do May 14, 2021

Manhattan, being a global economic, entertainment, and social center, is home of a huge load of top-end restaurants, some even claiming to be the best in the world. It easy to advertise some of the venues that are a part of prestigious global chains, as well as visiting them. However, we tried to gather some of our favorite places with affordable pricing but with amazing food and atmosphere. Somewhat of “hidden gems” around Central Park. You can check the below.

B Side Pizza & Wine Bar

What do we want after a long walk in the park? Pizza! But what if we’re trying to cut carbs? Salad! And B Side serves both! You can go for their signature Killer Bee, or their favorites D.F. and Oscar the Grouch. Their greens (and things) include some tasty specials like Roasted Avocado, Roasted Pears, and Bacon & Beef Meatballs (if you’re having meat). Their wines are a thing to admire, too. Go for Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ecker-Eckhof or Rosé Brut if you were on an evening date in the park, or you’re preparing for a late-evening walk.

The Calaveras

Tapas and wine are always a great combo for a date! The menu of The Calaveras is rich, spicy and tasty, complied of great appetizers and sides, but what takes the attention is the main course. Our personal favorites are the Carnitas michoacanas, Salmon al vapor, and the Enchiladas Suizas. They have a pretty good Café menu, where you can choose from sandwiches, wraps, empanadas, bagels, and more! The Calaveras have some amazing offers, like the Happy Hour (2pm-7pm), and some great offers for Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

THEP Thai Restaurant

THEP Thai Restaurant has the reputation of one of the best Asian fusion places in whole New York City. The THEP Attractions offer several amazing dishes with the likes of Lemongrass Pork Chop, Thep Pad Thai, and Duck Tamarind are just a very small portion of what you can order. There are some amazing noodles, too – Khao Soi Noodle, Pad Kee Mao Noodle, and, honestly – all the rest. Throw in the Wok and you’ll have a great Asian adventure just after your Central Park adventure!

Aqua Boil

Manhattan’s favorite Cajun seafood house has a rich menu, offering starters like Cajun Fries, some Honey Garlic Wings, Sliders, and Lobster Roll. The Mains are fine and fresh, with some of our favorites like King Crab Legs, Top Neck Clam, and Dungeness Crab. If you can’t pick one, you can go for the combos. They offer some pretty cool cocktails, too, for a more complete seaside experience. You can easily pick an Aqua Mule or a Poseidon's Wrath in a sunny afternoon.

Beyond Sushi

Probably the best sushi and vegetarian option at a near proximity around Central Park. Beyond Sushi is known around the block for its hummus and The Badge dumplings. The Fun Guy (that’s the real name!) is pretty awesome, too. The mains are great, you won’t go wrong with any of them, but we would always recommend Kebabs and Smoked Kale Ravioli. Mighty Mushroom Sushi and the Sweet Tree are as good as any sushi that you can get in Tokyo.

BONUS: Caledonia Bar

A glass of classy whiskey is always a best way to relax after a long way in the park. They offer two completely different menus – East and West. You can find all of the top brands of whiskey – Chivas, Johnnie Walker, Dewar’s. There are some uncommon gems, worth trying, like Dalmore, Glenlivet, and Balvenie. Sit back, relax, enjoy your drink and the classy place. The beers and wine are worth tasting, too, if you’re not into hard liquor.

Central Park is a place for everyone, and so is New York. No matter your diet plan or personal preferences, you will always find good quality food, fit for any taste, at just several feet away from the park!

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