Top 5 Spanish Cuisine spots in NYC

Mar 16, 2022

New York City's diversity when it comes to its citizens is no secret. The same goes for the multi-culti cuisine that one can enjoy throughout the city. This week, we're taking the time to go through the 5 most popular and tastiest restaurants offering Spanish cuisine.

Pil Pil

Pil Pil (which bears the name of an iconic Basque sauce made of olive oil, garlic and chili) is one of the few Spanish tapas places on the Upper East Side. Its brunch menu makes it a great choice for a boozy weekend day session. If you do choose the brunch option, you have a choice between a few regional menus including Basque, Catalonia, Galicia and a veggie and gluten-free Andalucia option. The three dishes from your menu of choice come with unlimited mimosas, bellinis and sangria, all of this priced at 18.95$.

Not that you need more convincing, but here's a look at their IG page, featuring some of the mouth-watering delights.

El Born

El Born is a Spanish tapas place located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The place is sleek and minimal, with a long marble bar and a spacious patio. The place served family-style botomless brunches priced at 27$ and also offers an unlimited Taco Tuesday deal for 12$ from 3pm to 9pm.

La Vara

La Vara is a Spanish cuisine Brooklyn restaurant owned by husband and wife Alex and Eder. The restaurant and its menu includes the Jewish and Moorish influences, blended with the Spanish tastes. Saffron, cumina and orange blossom are some of the unique notes coming from the dishes. The menu is a mixture of authentic, contemporary and original at once.


Huertas is a Basque restaurant in the East village serving all the good stuff like patata bravas, seafood tins and raciones or the so-called mid-sized dishes. The place offers a seasonal menu beyond the classics, including wax beans with hazelnuts and olive vinegraitte. Huertas is also a good option for a dinner party with its relatively affordable private dining space with private patio.


Boqueria is a Spanish joint with several location in NYC and beyond. Our choice is the location in Hell's Kitchen, as it's spacious and unique through offering breakfast starting as early as 6:30am on weekdays. Boqueria is a great choice for group gatherings, offering six-spit rotisserie and other delights.

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