Top 10 NYC Hostels

things-to-do Apr 17, 2020

If you have been travelling  since time immemorial, you probably remember the years when “hostel” meant “poor service”. These days are long gone! Today hostels are the better choice for the backpacker when compared to expensive hotel offers.

Why choose a Hostel Instead Of Hotel?

You save a lot of money, especially in NYC, where it is well known fact that staying over in a hotel is expensive. You can save a considerable amount on your holiday budget by booking a hostel. Besides, you will have the chance to meet people, both foreigners and locals and learn a lot about the regional culture, style, and habits.

You always have free wi-fi, sometimes breakfast is included or you have to use communal kitchen to prepare one for yourself. Clean and exciting atmosphere at an affordable price. Some hostels even offer discount tickets for attractions like museums, galleries or even Central Park bike tours.

See the top 10 NYC budget hostels! Starting from the better located ones you will learn about the service, interior and the price.

#1 Urban Oasis Hostel

Nomad / Address: 5 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001

Just a few blocks from Midtown, right beside Empire State Building is Urban Oasis Hostel. The rooms are modern, walls painted in bright colors with contemporary new furniture.

Some of the rooms have a view towards Empire State Building while the common area is spacious and light. All rooms share bathrooms, Room types are standard single, superior double or twin and room with two queen beds.

Kitchen is available. You can also watch cable TV and use free internet. You can take advantage of the tons free guides and tourist information in the hostel.

Prices: Room starts from $60 per night

#2 Central Park West Hostel

Upper West Side / Address: 201 W 87th St, New York, NY 10024

Central Park West Hostel is about just 7 minutes walking distance from Central Park and all point of interest in the center. The hostel offers free internet and towels. You can have morning coffee or tea in the hostel’s cafe. A private lounge also can be visited only by the guest of the hostel.

Rooms aren’t quite impressive, but they are clean and have everything needed. Some of them are with private bathrooms. Guests can hire single standard rooms, double standard or 4-bed mixed dorms.

The hostel is air-conditioned, has common room, laundry facilities and elevator.

Prices: Single room starts from $63 and mixed dorms are $53

#3 Jazz on the Park Hostel

Upper West Side / Address: 36 W 106th St, New York, NY 10025

All about a good hostel is location and amenities and Jazz on the Park is a winner in both. Just few minutes away from Central Park, the hostel is close to 5th Ave, Metropolitan Museum and Guggenheim Museum.

Rooms are air-conditioned with free linen and towels, hair dryer and lockers. The Hostel has its own basement lounge with everyday parties, busy coffee bar and summer BBQ terraces. Room types are standard private or shared – male, female or mixed dorms. All rooms are clean and uncomplicated and the hostel also offers family rooms. Jazz Hostel is suitable for groups.

Reviews show, that there is no luxe in the facilities, but the location is most important here. The value is worth for this price.

Prices: Dorms start from $44 to $65 while privates can go up to $150

#4 The Bowery House

SoHo / Address: 220 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

The Bowery House is not the typical hostel one would expect. Hostel’s rooms are hosted in former historical wooden cabins, preserved and refurbished with new modern look. It’s easy to hang out around SoHo or Lower East Side bars if you choose to stay there. The Bowery House stays at the notable Bowery since 1927 and the street is still as raw as it was back then.

Rooms are small, but cozy, ranging from standard singles to 6 /12 bed dorms. Some rooms don’t have a window, but if you’re willing to pay extra, you can relax in windowed room. The original cabins have been built during the World War II to host soldiers. Bathrooms are shared.

The Bowery House offers free wi – fi, linen and bathroom amenities. You can stop for a while in the common room arranged with custom furniture or at the panoramic roof garden. To have a snack or a coffee, you can just go at their swank restaurant and bar.

Prices: The original and smaller cabins start from $56, twins without a window – $79. Larger cabins, queens/ prince rooms are over $150

#5 Chelsea International Hostel

Chelsea / Address: 251 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011

When you hear Chelsea, you should know it is a preferred district, because of its safety. It is full of bars and nice spots to have a cup of coffee or for shopping like the Chelsea Market, which is very close. Chelsea International Hostel was built there as one of the first hostels in NYC and even today offers unrivaled atmosphere, favored by most of the guest of NYC.

Room types vary between privates-single, twin, double twin, private double or dorms for 2 /4 males of females. For private rooms, customers can choose an option with en-suite bathroom. The hostel also has lounge, fully equipped kitchen and offers free breakfast.

Customer reviews are praising high ratings on location, security and very friendly staff.

Prices: Privates start from $72 and shared from $49

#6 Broadway Hostel

Upper West Side / Address: 230 W 101st St, New York, NY 10025

Broadway Hostel is functioning as kind of luxurious hotel and hostel, offering both private rooms and two-bed dorms. It is located in just 10 minutes from Central Park in The Upper West Side. The interior is designed to make you feel like home.

The common room has red brick walls, fireplace and library. All bathrooms are renovated and you can benefit from a variety of room amenities. You can use the common kitchen to prepare your food.

Prices: Dorms start from $89 and private room from $148

#7 American Dream

Gramercy Park/ Address: 168 E 24th St, New York, NY 10010

In Gramercy Park you can stay in American Dream Hostel. It is close to Union Square and NY University. The hostel has 1 to 3 – bed dormitory with bunk beds or single and double private rooms. Note that all rooms have a private sink and shelves. All bathrooms are shared.

Guests can use the kitchen and common area which are not spacious, but cozy and light. It is a typical family hostel in quiet neighborhood.

Prices: Single room starts from $94, 2 bedroom – $148 and 3 -bedroom – $180

#8 New York Loft Hostel

Williamsburg/ Address: 249 Varet St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

NY Loft Hostel is very popular and highly praised place to sleep. It was selected for recommended hostel for 2014 and 2015 by Hostel World.

It is located in Williamsburg in an old loft building, refurbished into funky modern hostel. The hostel has a big back garden, gym, sun deck and basement bar with live music. The kitchen is wide, well equipped. There are TV and computer rooms which are separated.

The rooms are big and full of light with curtains and brick walls. Room types differ room 2, 3 bed mixed, male or female dorms, private room for 2 or 3 persons with en-suite bathroom.

Prices: Prices start from $30 to $80 depending on the availability and room type

#9 NY Moore Hostel

East Williamsburg/ Address: 179 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

One more hostel with many awards from Trip Advisor and Hostel Bookers for cleanliness and staff. Moore Hostel is highly rated spot. Preferred for its low price, deluxe interior and quiet location.

For a hostel Moore really is luxurious, in particular considering the private rooms, which can accommodate from 2 to 6 people. The private rooms have personal bathrooms and are designed simple, but with taste. Rooms provide towels, linens, and blankets free of charge.

The shared dorms, don’t have bunk beds, but normal twin to Queen sized beds with side tables and personal night lights. Dorms are divided between 3 or 4 female of mixed accommodations.

Prices: Between $55 to $58

#10 Q4 Hostel

Long Island City / Address: 29-09 Queens Plaza N, Long Island City, NY 11101

Guests recommend Q4 Hostel as clean accommodation with friendly and helpful staff. It is situated in Long Island City. Seems a bit detached from the heart of Manhattan, bit it’s actually great location. Around Q4 you can satisfy your hunger for art and culture, visiting MOMA, MOMI, Kaufman Art District, The Sculpture Center, Astoria Park and many more places.

Rooms type range starts from 2 to 8-bed female, male or mixed dorms with en-suite bathrooms. Rooms are light, walls painted in deep blue with white bunk beds, lockers and warm hardwood floors.

The communal areas as designed in urban style, you will feel like a special guest there. They have a full guest kitchen, dining room, lounge area, pool and ping pong tables.

Prices: Cost for 8 – bed dorm is $30 and most expensive is 2 – bed female dorm – $55

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