Top 10 Most Romantic Spots in Central Park

things-to-do Aug 4, 2020

Yaaay! She finally has agreed to go out on a date with you! Now, where should you take her? You need to stay classy, but be different at the same time. Well, the answer is simple – Central Park! The park is rich in quiet, private places, just for you two to enjoy. Here are the ten most romantic places that we can recommend.

1.      Cherry Hill

What is more beautiful than the blooming cherry trees? Nothing (except your date of course)! The fountain at the center is amazing and adds up to the romantic vibe of the place. Cherry Hill is a pretty quiet and serene place, right at the heart of Central Park. It provides an amazing view of the Lake and Bow Bridge. Speaking of Bow Bridge…

Wagner Cove near Cherry Hill Fountain

2.      Bow Bridge

Considered the romantic heart of Central Park, Bow Bridge was featured in several romantic movies like “Spider-Man 3”, “Manhattan”, “You've Got Mail”, and “Keeping the Faith”. It is a great meeting place, as well as for long romantic walks over the Lake.

Bow Bridge in Central Park

3.      Conservatory Water

There is something romantic in watching the model sailboats plowing the waters of the pond. You can easily imagine that you are at the French Riviera. The statues of Alice in Wonderland and Hans Christian Anderson are a great meeting spot.

Conservatory Waters and Conservatory Garden

4.      Conservatory Garden

It is divided into three unique sections – English, French, and Italian, all at your disposal. The main attraction of the French is the Untermayer Fountain, with its Three Dancing Maidens. The Italian one offers a meadow, perfect to lay down your blanket and picnic basket, as well as a pretty fountain. The English garden is probably the most popular of the three, with its flowers, specially selected to have a bed blooming every season. It also has a small pool along with a fountain featuring a boy and a girl, inspired by “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

5.      Shakespeare Garden

The best place to visit if you want to feel like Romeo and Juliette (without the warring families). Fun fact – its first name was the Garden of the Heart. Romantic, huh? It was renamed in 1916 in honor of William Shakespeare and was re-planted only with plants, mentioned in his plays.

Entrance to Shakespeare Garden

6.      Belvedere Castle

It is just next to the Shakespeare Garden. If you want to make your date feel like royalty – go there. It is at the highest point of Central Park, so the vistas are tremendous. It also fields a lawn and a lake, perfect for a romantic picnic.

Belvedere Castle

7.      Wollman Rink

The best place for winter dates. Just take your date’s hand and skate together. Just like in “Serendipity”. And it is not as populous as most rinks around New York.

Romantic spot in Central Park
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