Things to do in NYC this April

Apr 11, 2022

With the coming of spring, NYC has many amazing things to offer, so if you're not sure how to fill your days in the big apple, here's a list of some of the best things you could do to experience spring in the city!

  1. Watch a free show at the Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center is greeting this spring by offering free performances, discussions and civic events. Additionally it's offering a Choose-what-you-pay ticketing for its Lincoln Center American Songbook: "A world of voices."

These are some of the free events you can attend

The Dance Floor: Orquesta Broadway

Friday nights at the Atrium are reserved for Latin music and warm sounds. ¡VAYA! offers devotees of salsa and Latin music a home in the Upper West Side to enjoy friendly community, vibrant live orchestras, and a smoking-hot dance floor.A tradition taking place since 2015 and following the Cuban charanga style, featuring flute and strings, it's great for all music aficionados, no matter if you're looking for a dance or for just simply enjoying some good music.

American Songbook: "A world of voices"

These series of events pay a tribute to music's diverse origins and globalization from the Americas and beyond. In this series, which are on 'choose-what-you-pay' ticketing basis, you'll be able to enjoy a very rich line of performers. The names include West Africa singer and songwriter Natu Camara, Chinese composer and conductor Huang Ruo, singer and trumpeter Ella Bric and many more.

2. Walk the Whitney Biennial

A very delayed event originally planned for 2021, the Whitney Biennial is now welcoming 63 artists and collectives, presenting moving and 'dynamic' pieces.

Some of the must-see things include:

Juárez Archive by Alejandro Morales

A series of magnifying keychains, containing 35mm slides. Picking them up would lead you to the artist's hometown of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, taken from Google maps with all the glitches and blurs. The very real and raw images are, as the artist says, evidence of the drug wars and militarization.

A Clockwork by Sable Elyse Smith

A giant ferris wheel type, that unlike the common ones, does not spread the typical joy, as it's made of furniture designed for prisoner visitation rooms. The artist merges entertainment with the notion of institutionalized violence, showing how the 2 reinforce each other.

Burger by Charles Ray

The 3 new life-size sculptures of Ray depic the common American states: the drug-altered, the precariously employed and the drunk on beer and debt. You can see the sculptures on the fifth floor, overlooking the Meatpacking district.

3. Attend the Antiquarium Book Fair

For a 62nd year in a roll, all the book collectors gather at at Park Avenue Armory for a weekend of manuscripts, first editions and other paper treasures. Some of the top highlights include the first illustrated edition of Frankenstein, the first US Edition of Wuthering Heights and many more finds. You can attend any day between 20-23 April, with an entrance of 30$/day.

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