The Central Park Self-Guided Audio Tours!

Dec 2, 2021

Central Park is enormous with its 843 acres of covered area, so venturing into it without any form of a tour guide is a hard task. There are a lot of great options on the market but everything is a matter of personal preferences. Many out there enjoy visiting a certain place in large, organized groups with a well-read, informative guide. Others consider themselves consider themselves solo travelers, avoiding crowds, learning about the places they visit on their own.

Central Park Tours offers several highly-rated options, including a new, extended version of its Audio Tour, aimed at all types of travelers mentioned above.

Central Park Bike Tour

Probably the most famous of all of the company’s services. It received a lot of acclaim, with TripAdvisor ranking it in its Top 5 things to do in Central Park.

The Bike tour takes approximately 2 hours and takes visitors through Central Park’s most-famous sights. It also pays its fair share of attention to some hidden secrets, like the Ravine.

Bike tour prices

  • 2 Hours - $53
  • Prices are per person

Bike rental prices

  • 1 Hour $15
  • 2 Hours $20
  • 3 Hours $25
  • All Day (9am -7pm) $40

CPT’s Pedicab tour

One of the more exotic ways to see Central Park is from the back of a pedicab. Aimed at those that won’t enjoy the physical effort of bike riding. You can rent the pedicab for 1 or 2 hours. All of our guides are experienced in the park, full of trivia, historic and fun facts.

  • 1 Hour - $53
  • 2 Hours - $89
  • Prices are per person

Central Park Tours’ picnics

CPT provides full catering services all over the huge meadows of the park, along with picnic baskets full of fresh goodies or, if interested, board games.  Also, all of our aforementioned services are at your disposal.

We would only need information on how many people are you expecting and where along with the food you prefer.

Central Park Audio Tours

The audio tour is a popular interactive addition to the Central Park Tours toolset. It is a multifunctional digital product that targets a very large group of users.

The Central Park Audio Tours are perfect for:

  • Solo travelers who want to chart their own route through the park, but are not very well familiar with it. The audio tour gives them precise directions on where to go and what to see.
  • Groups that want to travel with their own guides. That works especially well with groups of non-native language tourists, with a guide, who is good in English.
  • Virtual travelers – virtual traveling gained massive popularity during the pandemic. After all, many people weren’t even allowed to leave their homes, not to mention travel. So, if you want to visit Central Park from the comfort of your home across the world, then this guide is for you!

Versions of the Central Park Audio Tours

Central Park Tours provides two versions of its audio tour – a 90-minute essential tour, and a new, extended Expert tour with a duration of 120 minutes.

The Essential tour – the basic one. The tour features a 90-minute walk over the major Central Park landmarks, including Bow Bridge, Sheep Meadow, and the Bethesda Terrace. The tour revolves predominantly around places situated in the south of Central Park.

The Expert tour is half an hour longer than the Essential tour and offers landmarks all over the park, with notable additions north from the 19th St. Transverse, the Reservoir, and beyond. So you may expect hidden gems like the Ravine waterfall, The Pool, Conservatory gardens, the Shakespeare garden, and more!

In conclusion

Central Park is usually visited by over 40 million people annually. And the park is worth visiting, so many people just can’t be wrong. Central Park tours provide viable options, whether you want to visit it organized, with a guide, or on your own terms, with a bike, a pedicab, or via some audio tours!

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