Romantic Marriage Proposals Spots in NYC

Dec 3, 2021

Here are some romantic ideas for the best marriage proposal spots in NYC. Marriage proposals are very special on their own, but we always strive to make them at least a little bit better.

The ice-skating rinks at Central Park

A bit seasonal entry, but we’re in the right season. Central Park can be very romantic in general, but winter is clearly the season when it shines. There are three ice skating rinks in Central Park – the Wollman Rink, the Lasker Rink, and the one at the Conservatory Water. The first two rinks are well-developed, and the Lasker Rink even has an event space where you can throw your wedding!

The Wollman Rink already had a famous love story. A significant part of the Hollywood movie Serendipity, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale takes place around the Wollman Rink in Central Park, somewhere around Christmas.

The Conservatory waters have their charm all year long. It turns into a free ice-skating rink if the weather is cold enough.

Proposing to your loved ones under the Christmas lights of Central Park’s ice-skating rinks can only bring warmth in the cold months.

Picnic near the Bow Bridge

Central Park is probably the best place for picnics in New York. The Great Lawn, Sheep Meadow and a few more gather hundreds of thousand picnic-goers monthly.

However, one of the well-beloved proposal spots in New York is Bow Bridge. The cast-iron bridge is elevated over The Lake and the surrounding area of the park. This provides a stunning vista toward The Lake, the city skyline, and the rest of the park, and Bethesda Fountain, which can be very, very romantic.

Bow Bridge is among the common ideas for marriage proposal spots in NYC, so don’t be surprised when you see kneeling guys and jumping guys.

Brooklyn Bridge

With a completely different scale from Bow Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge provides some different opportunities than the one in Central Park.

Brooklyn Bridge’s pedestrian walkway is raised high above the ocean surface. That way it provides an amazing view towards Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the East River. You can watch the sunset over the water or the shiny skylines of the two NYC boroughs.

Times Square

The beating heart of Manhattan, Times Square is famous for so many things! The square’s festive decoration is globally famous and its lighting-up is an event in itself.

However, one of Times Square’s most-distinctive features are its billboards. Think about it – would you recognize the place without all of its neon lights?

Times Square’s billboards are a modern form of romance. Imagine this, ladies – the man of your dreams proposes your marriage in front of a huge, colorful billboard of a Broadway show like Moulin Rouge!, Aladdin, or Hadestown. Or Phantom of the Opera, if you have a thing about it.

More avant-garde gentlemen even have their questions visualized on one of those billboards. Can you imagine that?

Top of the Empire State Building

Downtown New York is at your feet! You’re already close enough to heaven and the coveted “Yes” can bring you even closer. And if you want a more private proposal, whisk your almost-fiancé to the 102nd floor after a romantic dinner, as the Empire State Building is open until 2 am.

In conclusion

NYC is full of great spots and romantic ideas for marriage proposals! Watch the sun rise, set, or the majestic city skyline hand in hand with your loved one!

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