NYC To-Do list 02/07-02/13

Feb 7, 2022

The first few weeks of February start with a lot of action, music and delicious treats  in NYC. After all, it's the year of the tiger and the big apple cannot disappoint. Catch the Lunar New Year festivities and enjoy what the city has to offer

The Lunar New Year Parade in NYC

As the Year of the Tiger steps in, NYC celebrates its significance and beginnig with full force. In China, the tiger is known as the king of all beasts, symbolizing strength, courage and ability to beat all evil. In its honor and to mark the beginning of the Lunar New Year, Chinatown throws its anual parade.

What can you expect from the Lunar New Year Parade in NYC?

Amazing martial art performances,colorful outfits, dragon dances and much more.

Where does the parade start?

Beginning on Sunday, 20 February, the parade kicks off at 1pm at Mott and Canal Streets and heads towards Manhattan Bridge, going to Eldridge and Forsyth Streets, next to Sara D. Roosevelt Park.

How long does the Lunar New Year Parade go for?

The festivities will go on until 4:30pm. Go early and enjoy the show!

Sushi Lab Rooftop, Japanese Fusion at Theater District

Sushi Lab's Rooftop offers a solution to those craving the outdoors during the cold days. Enjoy delicious Japanese fusion in Midtown Manhattan at the restaurant's rooftop with outdoor heating.

Where is the Sushi Lab located?

Nestled at the top of the Sanctuary Hotel, the restaurant's rooftop is like a whimsical Japanese garden, taking you on a delicious journey to remote lands and tastes.

What to expect from the menu?

Sushi Lab offers a modern approach on the traditional nigiri, sashimi, omakase and other Japanese specialties. Expect mouth-watering tastes, impeccable presentation and signature cocktails to comliment the experience.

New York Artists for the Bronx

Cey Adams, Crash, Lecrue Eyebrows, BC, Louis Angel and others are amongst the two dozen artists, who will participate in a fundraising exhibition for the victims of the tragic Bronx fire on 9 January.

Where will the exhibition take place?

The artists will showcase their pieces at the West Chelsea Contemporary. The gallery opened up its NYC doors last fall in the Chelsea area.

The show, which opened on 29 January will continue till 27 February, with 100% of its proceeds going towards Bronx Fire Relief Fund.

The artists who are participating and relinquishing 100% of the sales towards the fund include Cey Adams, Android_Oi, Louis Angel, Bc, Janette Beckman, Butterflymush, Cam, Chrisrwk, Cope2, Crash, Al Diaz, Jane Dickson, Lecrue Eyebrows, Captain Eyeliner, Stephanie Grajales, Bob Gruen, Hektad, Jkejake, Eric Orr, Konstance Patton, Melissa Schainker, Matt Siren, Sac Six, Sinclair the Vandal, and 0 H10 M1 Ke.

Hotel Chantelle's Rooftop Jazz Night

Enjoy an evening of jazz under the stars at Hotel Chantelle's rooftop. Taking place every Friday, guests can enjoy an intimate dinner experience, whilst listening to some of the greatest songs by Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and other jazz giants.

Who will be performing?

Guets will be enjoying Benny Benack III's singing. Benny will be performing some of the greatest hits, whilst playing the trumpet, together with a band of NYC all star jazz performers.

What's included in the ticket?

Each ticket includes a seating and a 2-course meal of choice. The concert continues 65 minutes, with doors opening 1 hour before the start.

Why not treat yourself to a night of jazz, delicious food and magnificent atmosphere at the end of the working week?

In conclusion

Another stellar NYC week is in the works. From The Lunar New Year Parade in Chinatown, The fundraising exhibition at West Chelsea Contemporary or the live jazz at Chantelle Hotel, you've got plenty of choice for a week full of action and experience.

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