NYC Date night ideas

Jul 19, 2022

There are ton of amazing restaurants and bars in NYC to take a loved one to, but this does not exhaust the options. There are so many creative ways to enjoy the city, whilst on a date. We've compiled our most favorite options so don't be shy and  go and explore them with your flame!

The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

You're not sure where this is going or it's just your first date and don't want to commit to dinner? Great, then why don't you take a relaxed strow in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens? Casual, easy and explorative! Take in the greenery, enjoy the Tropical Pavillion filled with waterfalls, vibrant flora and tropical streams. Who knows, if the walk goes well you can always continue the conversation in a bar or a Brooklyn foodie spot!

Enjoy some jazz together

Enjoy an evening of live jazz at Harlem Jazz Parlour. An intimate experience that is simply heaven for music lovers. You can relax and engage with musicians while enjoying hors d’oeuvres, wine and dessert. This night runs during the first Thursday of every month, hosting various musicians at different Harlem homes, so each one is truly unique. Safe bet that this will impress your date.

Explore Little Greece

If you wanna go international, Chinatowna and Little Italy are safe and well-known options, but Little Greece makes for a unique and fun date night place in NYC. Enjoy traditional Greek taverns, bakeries and cafés in this must-explore neighborhood with your date. Insider tip: get a chicken of pork souvlaki, enjoy some syroped desserts and do not miss a glass of iced ouzo!

Show off your smart pants during Trivia night

Wanna show off and impress your flame? Find a trivia night in town and get your game on! If you've seen The Simpsons at least twice and know the episodes by heart or can put Siri to shame- this is the perfect date night idea for you. Follow the date night through with some drinks and it's a sure recipe for some great bonding time.

Rent a Kayak

This one is for all the sport fellas out there. Looking to do something active and outdoorsy?! Say no more, we have the perfect option for you. Manhattan, Staton Island and Brooklyn all have parks with bodies of water where you can rent a kayak, a pedal boat a canoe or a stand-up paddle board. Up to you how adventurous you want to go. Just make sure your date knows how to swim!

Go big or go home with a Heli ride

If you want to knock you date's socks off, then renting a Helicopter will definitely do the job. Taking a ride over the big apple during nightime is truly special, offering you bedazzling views of the city with numerous sights and lights. This is one of our top choices when it comes to truly romantic date night ideas. Continue with a candle-light dinner and enjoy a truly memorable night.

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