NYC Best Attractions

May 8, 2022

Whether you're a NYC native or a tourist, there's always something to be seen or experienced in the big apple. We have compiled a list of some of the top NYC attractions that just don't get old. No more wondering what to explore during the days off!

  1. Edge Observation Deck

The highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere is located in Hudson Yard!Fancy being 65-feet in the sky, overlooking the city's skyline in a panoramic view? That's your spot. Only for the folks not afraid of heights. The bravest ones can walk on a see-through glass floor and observe the hustle and bustle of the city below. The 101th floor hosts a restaurant, a bar and an event space.

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2. Visit Little Island

A floating island oasis, just over the Hudson river, the Little Island is a green space like no other. Open from 6am to 1am, the park filled with flowers, shrubs and trees is totally free during the day with entrance after noon and in the evening requiring reservations. The park has an amphiteater hosting regular events, most of which are free. If you haven't paid a visit yet, it should be in your go-to list!

3. Empire State Building

A Manhattan icon, altough no longer the highest building int the world, the Empire State Building deserves at least one (if not many more) visit in one's lifetime. The 86th floor, which is the main deck, is the highest open observatory in the city, offering stunning views over Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and more. The 102nd floor offers full view over Central Park and the 80th floor offers an exhibit of the ideas, sketches and processes that shaped the building.

4. Chrysler Building

An art deco era masterpiece, the Chrysler building is one of the most recognizable architecture pieces worldwide. Designed for Chrysler's founder, the building sports the world's first electronic clock in its lobby, Morrocan marble walls and Sienna marble floors. There is no official tour being given, but you can still admire the ground floor and the outsides.

5. The High Line

When the weather is pleasant, walking the High Line in NYC is a perfect pick. An elevated park that was once a rail track, it's now an urban greenery featuring flowers, plants and also outdoor installations, together with a stunning city view. Running from Hudson Yards to Chelsea, it's a great walking trail offering a unique blend between nature and the city.

6. Grand Central Terminal

The chicest way to catch a train, the Grand Central Terminal offers much more than just transporation. Stunning architecture, great bars and premiere shops, it has been featured in not one but many movies and TV shows. Whether you're catching a train or just looking for exploring the iconic terminal, head there, observe the adorned ceilings and details and don't miss the oyster happy hour deal in the dining concourse.

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