New York To-Do List For the Week After New Year, 01/03 - 01/09

Jan 4, 2022

Christmas and New Year have passed, but New York is still bustling in events for a full To-Do List! Winter is at its peak with a variety of events, some of them – a bit away from the typical.

Here's the To-Do List for the week after New Year!

The Ready Rooftop

Ready Rooftop’s Palm Holiday is a wholesome tropical paradise with colorful plants, palm trees, flamingos, and cold cocktails! This might not be a traditional sight in New York, with its harsh winter weather, but this makes it even more unique and desired.

The menu is topical, highlighting the desired effect. Names such as Tropical Holiday Frozen Hot Chocolate, Raspberry Gin Rickey, Sip Margs, and Tip Top Negroni radiate summer vibes.

The Ready Rooftop is known for its seasonal transformations “celebrating the culture and energy that surrounds the neighborhood and transforming from day to night”.

Palm Holiday is open Monday – Sunday for indoor and outdoor dining now through March 2022.

The Noguchi Museum

The Noguchi Museum is located in Long Island City, Queens. It is housed in a red-brick industrial building remodeled in the 1920s with a concrete pavilion. It was designed in the 1980s by Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) and Shoji Sadadao (1927-1988). Built 2019). Founded by Noguchi in 1985 to showcase his life's work in a context that is vital to his vision, this two-story museum has approximately 27,000 square feet of exhibition space, including a famous sculpture garden.

The Noguchi Museum was founded and designed by the internationally renowned American artist Isamu Noguchi to display what he considers to be a representative example of his life's work.

In 1980, Noguchi changed his Akari Foundation to the Noguchi Isamu Foundation in anticipation of the creation of the museum. The Noguchi Garden Museum was officially opened to the public on May 11, 1985. In 2004, the private Noguchi Isamu Foundation and its operated Noguchi Isamu Garden Museum merged into one entity.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Lightscape

One million lights shine bright at the BBG! Lightscape, as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s newest project is called, is not an ordinary Christmas festive decoration. It is more of a celebration of light, as the BBG’s management states. It incorporates art, light, and music.

Visitors will pass through a forest of colorful lights to a pond, where laser beams are reflected by the water surface. This is followed by the tunnel of the Cathedral of Light. Then, you can see a fire garden and a light field on the terrace of the lily pond.

Animated lighting installation is covering Cherry Esplanade. The colorful lighting displays more than 18 unique works of art, including a series of works by local artists in the collection of the plant family, highlighting the trees, landscape, and architecture of the garden.

Charles Atlas: The Mathematics of Consciousness

The Mathematics of Consciousness is expected to open in September 2022. The new video by Charles Atlas is inspired by the Pioneer Works space. Through a single sheet of music, immersive multimedia works will flash on a 110-foot-wide x 34-foot-high wall, simulating the way neurons trigger thoughts in the human mind.

The exhibition extracts fragments from his extensive archives and will become a vibrant roster of public programs while paying tribute to the artist's five-year career, which defines and changes the relationship between contemporary art and video and performance.

In conclusion

The New York To-Do List for the first week after New Year is diverse, bright, and with a vibe of summer, perfectly setting the transitional mood for the week after the holidays.

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