Most Romantic Spots in NYC

Jun 7, 2022

New York City can prove to you that romance isn't dead by its numerous scenic spots and experiences. Have a special one you want to WOW? Look no more- we have the perfect spots for you two! Enjoy:)

  1. Central Park

A magical place during all of NYC's seasons, Central Park is a no-brainer. You can enjoy a scenic carriage ride or a boat ride. If you're the sporty couple, you can do a bike ride, followed by a beautiful, delicious and wine-infused picnic. You can also do that as a follow-up, after a romantic walk through some of the staple spots and monuments in the park. Numerous options, you get to decide how romantic it can all get!

2. Hudson Yards Restaurant

One of NYC's most stylish and latest developments, Hudson Yards offers diverse culinary, shopping and roaming experiences. When it comes to dining, Hudson Yards offers some of the most romantic restaurants for an unforgettable evening experience.

Looking for something Asian? Go for Wild Ink, serving unforgettable hand-made dumplings with views over Vessel.

If you want to wow your date with restaurant atmosphere and interior, then go for Peak- a masterpiece of its own, offering stunning views and exceptional menu.

3. Empire State Building

There are few views in the whole world that can be of competition to the Empire State Building peek. During a clear day, one can see as far as 80 miles ahead. On the flipside, the night-time offers an opportunity to experience NYC's stunning glow in the dark from the top. Whatever choice you make, this will for sure make for an unforgettable date location.

4.Rockfeller Center

Amongst one of the most iconic and time-tested buildings no only in NYC, but in America, Rockfeller Center is a must-stop and offers plenty of activities. Thinking of doing something active? Go ice-skating!

Thirsty? Bar SixtyFive is your spot! A not-so-well-kept secret among New Yorkers, tucked away on guessed it right- 65th Floor of 30 Rock. Expect stunning skyline views, delicious cocktails and bites, complimented by relaxing music.

5. Brooklyn Promenade

A spectacular view of Lower Manhattan day and night!Get a perspective on the city,whilst still being in the city. If you get hungry from your walk, there are plenty of amazing nearby options, including the famed River Cafe, Grimaldi's and Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop.

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