Macy's 2022 Flower Show

Mar 1, 2022

Spring is just around the corner and NYC sure knows how to make an announcement. What better way to welcome the (hopefully) warmer weather and flowers' bloom than Macy's 47th annual show?

What's Macy's Flower Show?

Macy's Flower Show is an annual event, celebrating the coming of spring in one of NYC's most iconic department stores: Macy’s Herald Square. The event usually consists of out-of-this-world flower arrangements, which are an absolute show-stopper and usually fit within a team. The whole city and the out of towners too arrive to see the jaw-dropping arrangements.

Is there a theme?

The Macy's Flower Show is always following a specific theme. Last year, the event was under the theme of celebrating fortitude through floral arrangements. The 2022 theme is Voyage to Oceanum, a colorful under-the-sea odyssey featuring deep sea florals.

Is there an entrance fee?

The flower show is absolutely free and continues for 2 weeks.

Why is the Macy's Flower Show so iconic?

The Macy's Flower show has gone on for 70 years and it's an iconic event for the blooming of spring.

What can you expect from the show?

Macy’s Flower Show includes floral material blooming together at one place, even though all have unique climatic DNA. The arrangements are showring unexpected  store countertops, windows, and specially-designed architecture, including grand bridges, columns and topiaries.

If you need any assistance with booking a tour or an experience, get in touch with our team via - (347) 746 - 8687 or via

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