Historic Events that shaped NYC

Feb 23, 2022

The history of New York is colourful and multi-layered. The different faces the city has taken during the years are what makes it the vibrant and iconic place it is today. We dive into some of the most remarkable events that shaped the history and paved the way forward for the big apple.

Giovanni da Verrazzano’s Expedition

In 1523, Giovanni da Verrazzano- an Italian sailor who was commissioned by French King Francis I embarked on a journey to the 'new world.' The sailor travelled from Florida to New Brunswick, meeting the Lenape tribe in New York. This trip made him the first voyager, beyond the Norse sailors, who travelled to North America.

Henry Hudson’s Expedition

Henry Hudson was commissioned by the Dutch and the British during different periods, exploring North America in the hopes of finding a passage to Asia. During his 1609 quest, Henry sailed to New York and up the river to present day- Albany. The Hudson river was named after him.

Dutch Establishment of New Netherlands

New Netherlands- a Dutch colony established in the 17th century in the New World, it included the territories of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware. During that period, Peter Minuit, the director of the Dutch West India Company, bought over Manhattan from the natives. The influence of the Dutch colony could still be observed in the combined Dutch and North American names such as Hadenstack.

British Establishment of New York

In 1664, King Charles II, promised to gift New Netherlands to his brother- the Duke of York. At that time, the territory still belonged to the Dutch, but the English did take over it, renaming it to "New York" in the Duke's name.  In 1673, the Dutch took over the territory again, renaming it to "New Orange", but it was returned back to the British in 1674, going back to "New York".

The Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge

Started in 1869, the construction of the bridge began under John Augustus Roebling's watch. After he got sick, he passed the construction to his son Washington Roebling, who took over, until he got physically injured and had his wife help out with a big part of it. Opening in 1883, the bridge ceased the rumours on its instability by having 21 elephants cross over it. Since then, it has become a huge NYC staple.

The Statue of Liberty

Opening in 1886, the statue of libery became on of the most known and loved symbols of NYC. A gift from France in light of the Union's victory in the American Civil War, it's a symbol of the freedom that became available then. Tourist can still climb up and reach the crown of the statue, taking in the stunning panoramic NYC views.

‘I Love New York’ Slogan

Born from an advertising campaign, the logo 'I love New York' by graphic designer Milton Glaser, has become an unmistakable visual, it being seen on tshirts, accessories, keychains. One cannot walk through Times Square without witnessing the iconic logo tens of times.

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