Christmas in New York - Shops, Stores, and Markets!

Nov 28, 2021

New York is all about Christmas, with all its decorations, events, and places for shopping. The whole town is full of shops, stores, and holiday markets selling unique gifts for your loved ones! Make sure to check them out when out shopping for Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Winter Village at Bryant Park

One of the most-famous Christmas attractions in town, the Winter Village at Bryant Park. The Winter Village has more than 100 vendors, occupying jewel box shops, reminding of a classic European open-air market. They sell anything from jewels to apparel. And if you feel cold or hungry, then you simply must visit the Celsius restaurant.

Grand Central Holiday Fair

Hosted by the Grand Central train station, the Grand Central Holiday Fair is the only Christmas shopping hub in New York that is inside, which makes it perfect for avoiding the winter cold.

The Grand Central Holiday Fair is known for providing top-quality goods from renowned artists, selling predominantly jewels, but also clothing and food.

Pearl River Mart

Considered somewhat of an oddity, Pearl River Mart is a Chinese market. However, it’s a communicative location near Soho. If you pay it a stop, you’ll be able to buy unique home décor, clothing, and cultural tchotchkes. Their goods might seem wired at first, but that’s what makes them stand out.


MacKenzie-Childs is a staple of top-class ceramics, furniture, and table wear. From teapots and candles to plates and pots & pans, MacKenzie-Childs create designs that are alive with individuality. Full of eccentricity, each piece stands proudly alone or can be mixed & matched to create a truly unique setting.

Their design combines vibrant colors and patterns that create fresh, even festive aesthetics. Each MacKenzie-Childs piece is handmade and colored by hand. It is created by dedicated and creative artisans, working completely outside the box.


It’s not the best idea to buy your wife some tableware and household utensils. Unless they are from Williams-Sonoma. Williams-Sonoma and its eight luxury subsidiary brands provide top-class tableware, utensils, furniture, home decoration, appliances, dinner and glassware, and everything to make your home a better, classier place.

Williams-Sonoma has 625 brick and mortar shops, one of the busiest e-stores, and a large international presence with shops all over North America, the UK, the Middle East, and Australia.


From their signature brown bags and their high-quality apparel to their famous location – everything in Bloomingdale’s is a Christmas icon! Their flagship store is located on Third Avenue in the heart of all the holiday hustle, accessible even by a subway.

Union Square Holiday Markets

This is New York’s largest green market. There you can find a lot of fresh products, but also gifts made by local artisans and foodies during the holidays. The event is organized by Urbanspace, coordinators of the popular summer pop-up Madison Square Eats.

Brooklyn Flea + Smorgasburg Winter Marke

The Brooklyn Flea is widely popular all over the US as one of the summer’s top flea markets. Well, it gets better in winter when combined with Smorgasburg Winter Market. That way you get unique jewelry, furniture, and vintage clothes plus Smorgasburg’s delicious food!

The Columbus Circle Holiday Market

Columbus Circle is one of the post-picturesque spots near Central Park, especially during the holidays. You'll find everything from handmade jewelry to artisan foods, and well-made toys to eclectic clothing. Local food vendors also set up shop between the stalls, so you can grab a cup of hot cocoa or a taco to warm up and recharge as you shop.


Macy’s in the heart of New York and its Christmas spirit not only with its shopping opportunities. It is always heavily engaged in festive activities with its Thanksgiving parade and with its iconic Christmas decorations.

Macy’s is a modern-day city landmark with 10 floors, extending the length of the entire city block. Two departments you should not miss the toy department, which turns into a fantastic Santaland during the holidays, and the Cellar, a gourmet paradise filled with all imaginable cooking equipment and a wide variety of food.

In conclusion

Christmas shopping in New York can be fund, but at the same time – overwhelming. There are so many shops, stores, and markets. And you need to shop smart to maneuver successfully through the whole maze of Christmas hubs. But hey, that way you’ll certainly find the best gifts for your loved ones!

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