Central Park’s Historical Monuments

things-to-do Apr 9, 2021

While Central Park, the greenest place in Manhattan, NYC, is known for its leisure and pastime activities, such as fitness classes and horse-drawn carriage rides. However, the place has a rich history, especially when it comes to historical monuments!

1. The 107th United States Infantry Memorial.

This memorial is dedicated to the WWI heroes. It is located at the  intersection of East 67th Street and Fifth Avenue. It was made by the sculptor Karl Morningstar Illava – a former infantry sergeant, and is made out of bronze. Illava was part of the very same division, and had dedicated this monument to his fallen brothers.

2. The 110th Street Bridge.

This monument is made of gneiss. It is dedicated to the third wave of bridge-building in the late 1800s. The bridge carries the traffic over to the West Drive

3. The 7th Regiment Memorial.

This bronze figure is made by the famous John Quincy Adam Ward in 1874 by request of the officers and members of the regiment. It depicts a single soldier.

Ward’s most notable works in Central Park include The Pilgrim, Indian Hunter, and William Shakespeare.

4. The Alexander Hamilton Memorial.

The granite monument of the US’s Founding Father was carved in 1880 by Carl Corads, and was donated to Central Park by John C. Hamilton, the son of the late Treasury Secretary.  The longtime Manhattan resident’s deeds include helping ratify the constitution and creating the Bank of the United States, to name a few. The statue is located at Mid-park 82nd-83rd Streets.

5. Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland
alice in wonderland

This fairy-tale sculpture adds to the diversity of Central Park’s rich list of monuments. This particular monument pays homage to the Lewis Carroll 1865 classic, “Alice in Wonderland”. It was commissioned by George Delacorte as a gift to his late wife (who was fond of the book) and later gifted to the children of New York. It was created by José de Creeft (who happened to be a close friend of Picasso) out of bronze.

Central Park is the sight of a really large number of monuments with a very wide range of topics. They are precisely scattered through the park, thus adding a lot to the surroundings. And also, they make a great trail for a tour!

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