Central Park Walking Tour

Mar 28, 2022

Whether you're visiting NYC or have been living there for quite some time now, the city has a lot of hidden gems to offer. Our tours are a breath of fresh air when it comes to a busy week. Take a break and explore one of the city's most iconic place- Central Park.

Central Park

Central Park is enormous with its 843 acres of covered area, so venturing into it without any form of a tour guide is a hard task. There are a lot of great options on the market but everything is a matter of personal preferences. Many out there enjoy visiting a certain place in large, organized groups with a well-read, informative guide. Others consider themselves consider themselves solo travelers, avoiding crowds, learning about the places they visit on their own. Our walking tour gives you the freedom to choose what parts you really want to dive into, where you want to stop, ponder and appreciate the beauty of the park and just how to go about it with your own pace.

The Main Attractions

There are a couple of staples that you just cannot miss, when it comes to visiting Central Park. We've made sure to include them in the tour, so you get the most from it. Here are the most iconic stops:

  1. Balto Statue

This is the famous Balto Statue In Central Park. The statue is placed on a rock along the main road. It was permanently installed there in 1925. The Balto Statue is a tribute to a Siberian husky and a sled dog, which led the final leg of the serum run to Nome, in which diphteria antioxin was transpored to Alaska, to combat the outbreak of the disease.

2. Strawberry Fields

A tribute to the famous Beatle John Lennon! Located right across the street from his residence Dakota Building!

3. Tavern on the Green

An iconic restaurant located in a former sheepfold.Originally constructed in 1870 with the purpose of house the kettle, nowadays it's a very elegant dining place often visited by celebrities, actors and musicians.

4. Cherry Hill

Named for the gorgeous cherry trees located Near the Lake. It opens a stunning view of the Upper West Side and the San Remo building.

5. Belvedere Castle

It is a miniature castle located on top of Vista Rock overlooking the Great Lawn. Used as a National Weather Service station up until 1919.

6. Bethesda Terrace

One of the most beautiful spots in Central Park. Located in the perfect center of the island. It opens a mesmarizing view of the Lake and the famous row boats

How big is Central Park?

Central Park is 843 acres! It spans from 59th street in Midtown all the way to 110 street in Uptown and from 5th Ave on the east all the way to Central Park West. It is a very large public park and people visiting often forget how large the park is.

How long is the tour?

The tour takes around 2 hours, depending on the breaks and stops we do through the way.

Where does the tour start ?

Our tours start from our store located at 870 7th Ave, New York, NY, It is only a few blocks from the entrance of the park.

How much does it cost?

The tour is priced at 73$ per person

How can I book this experience?

If you need any assistance with booking a NYC experience you can contact our team at - (347) 746 - 8687 or on info@centralparktours.net

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