Best things to do in NYC for locals and tourists

Apr 19, 2022

There are some things that native New Yorkers would be hesitant to do when it comes to activities in NYC. However, some of the more 'touristy' things can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Here's our top picks of great ways to spend some time in the big apple.

  1. Experience the MOMA Museum (for free!)

MoMA is hosting free late Fridays for NYC residents. Book your spot in advance and go to the stunning museum between 4-8pm for a complimentary visit. The good news is that Cafe 2 and The Modern would be open too if you need some energy or drink infusion after your tour.

2. Visit the Orchid Show

If you still haven't done so, you have till 1st of May to visit Jeff Leatham's breathtaking flower arrangements in a kaleidoscopic way. Jeff is known for being the artistic director of Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, having a unique vision for designs and structures. What will you be looking at at the Orchid Show? Think orchid towers, embellishments, tunnels of flowers and light and a lot of other whimsical stuff.

3. Les Gallery Night

A cultural night on the Lower East Side- for free! Les Gallery Night is a curated self-waking tour of some of the coolest art spots in that part of town. Happening on the third Thursday of every month, it's a great activity for sparking your creative juices and also for keeping it light on the wallet.

4. Treat yourself to a luxury spa experience at Governors Island

Unlike the prior totally free activity, this will cost you some bucks, but it would be worth it. A former military outpost, the Governors Island has become a oasis for New Yorkers, wanting to escape the noise and the traffic-filled streets.

The luxurious Spa QC NY, which opened up in March, is meant to feel like home. With its cozy reception area, plush leather chairs and massive pillows. You can choose from a wide array of relaxation options including themed saunas, Vichy showers, infrared beds, foot baths, hydro jets, steam baths and other amazingly lush experiences. You can also book a message for between 100-250$

5. Have a tea ceremony at the Loft

Japan Village in Brooklyn is an Asian oasis, offering amazing food, Japanese skincare, beautiful handmade pottery and much more. You can opt in for a classic tea ceremony or a creative class. The tea ceremony serves incredible matcha tea, complimenting it with mouth-watering mochi. The Japanese Village focuses itself on the concept of 'omotenashi,' which is an approach of great hospitality and mutual respect between owners and guests.

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