Best Places to watch the sunset in NYC

Jul 22, 2022

NYC is a place of contrasts- days filled with busy schedules and also cotton-candy sunsets that give us an opportunity to pause for a second and take in the beauty and spirit of the city. Somehow a perfect balance and a way to divide the day into key parts through observing the mesmerizing skyline under the golder light.

We've compiled a list of places that will allow you to take in the sunset from the best angle, to capture an absolutely instragram-worthy shot or to simply take a loved one there and enjoy the wave of colours together.

Marriot Marquise Hotel, Manhattan

Based in Times Square, the Marrior Marquise Hotel offers a view to NYC's liveliest neighbourhood. Just a moment away from the Broadway shows and the huge video screens, the sights from the hotel are truly worth it. Grab a drink at the revolving lounge, enjoy the futuristic decor and take in the sunset colours of the city that never sleeps.

High Line Park

A historic freight rail line turned into a park, High Line offers mesmerizing views of the city. Elevated above the crowds and offering a perfect city panorama.

North Cove

A sunset seen closer to the water, right next to the Hudson river, North Cove offers a relaxed spot where you can enjoy the maritime sunset hour scene. Our pro tip is to pack up a delicious picnic basket, grab a loved one and a cozy blanket and head that way.

Brooklyn Bridge

A classic on its own, the Brooklyn Bridge, which is one of the oldest 'monuments' in NYC offers a beautiful view of the city. Easily accessible by car or by foot, it offers both great sights of the big apple as well as a really colorful people-watching spot.

Hunter's Point, Queens

A place situated in Queens that offers as many options of activities and hang ideas, as you coud think of. There's a bikeway, a waterside promenade, cozy picnic terraces, 30-foot-tall platform where you can stand and take in the beauty of the sunsets. Perfect for family outings as well as date nights. Just pick your activity!

Astoria Park, Queens

Another great sunset-watching location in Queens. You can watch as boats go down the East River and as the sun goes beyond Randall's Island. Our favorite spot in this beautiful park is near Hell Gate Bridge. Grab some space there and enjoy a really picturesque sunset!

Wave Hill, Bronx

Wave Hill is an awesome underrated spot, offering a really beatiful city escape, nestled in a rich flora and fauna. The park has a beautiful scene offering flower-scented paths, several greenhouses and an alpine house. Perfect place to take in a peaceful sunset.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn

As per its name, this park offers really mesmerizing views of Manhattan's city skyline. A hidden trasure right in Brooklyn area, it offers a great spot for taking in the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island and New Jersey.

Valentino Pier

What used to be a historing shipping point, turned into a culturally rich spot today, offering panoramic waterfront views of the city. Grab a cold drink and enjoy the city-gazing!

Staten Island Ferry

If in the mood for something besides the dry land, hop on the Staten Island Ferry and take in the beautiful views of city's twilight hues. Check in the schedule and book your ride here.

Whitney Museum Rooftop

Perfect ending of a cultural day spent drifting through the corridors and art pieces of this ultramodern museum, nestled in an industrial masterpiece. The sunset is truly breathtaking, offering amazing landscape views towards the west.

Top of the Rock

An observation deck located in midtown Manhattan, Top of the Rock offers a truly remarkable viewing experience that's not at all overrated. Get a front row seat of the cityscape illuminated in a golden aura, whilsts taking in the many towers, the Hudson River and New Jersey.

These are some of our top suggestions for taking in the sunset views of the city that never sleeps. Let us know which one you tried!

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