Best NYC Clubs and Bars

events Apr 17, 2020

NYC is the perfect place to blow out your savings while bursting the night on Saturday evening. Only in Manhattan, you can find hundreds of busy places you can hang out. NYC has gone quite a long way in its clubbing experience.

Today you can choose between house and techno parties, bossa nova or Latino nights, having cocktails at some of the best bars in town or visiting a traditional Irish brewery for a pint of thick craft stout. Don’t forget about the after-hours parties and famous DJ-s visiting the clubs every week.

We made a selection of 5 best night clubs and 5 bars in NYC for 2016.

Best Clubs In NYC


Address: 18 Little W 12th St, New York, NY 10014

Deep space - cielo nyc
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Cielo in West Village is one of the most popular places in NYC’s club scene. It’s a never sleeping electronic, techno club, inviting DJ’s for both weekend and weekdays parties. Cielo has 12 years history and its one of the oldest and still famous clubs in NYC, creation if the notable DJ Nicholas Matar. For a long time Cielo shook NYC nightlife it has been awarded many times. The clubs pays its respect to old-school electronic beats, putting on front François K, Tedd Patterson, and Louie Vega, but is also up to date with big names like Luciano, David Guetta and Sven Vath.

The Cub has an interesting interior, kept in the mood of the 70’s, with special lighting, to make you feel unreal. They often burst Monday and Tuesday parties, though their weekend sets will break you apart.

Hours: Sunday opens at 9pm until 4am, all other days 10p to 4am.


Address: 74 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Output, being one of the clubs in NYC with probably the best sound system. It is quite a popular spot. Everyone knows, you go there to dance, it the former warehouse, turned into light and sound experiment. It’s a place for electronic music lovers and with its sunken dance floor and a private room for smaller parties, it assures you great experience all night long.

Output has a strong preference to the underground, you can see amazing things happening on stage. Nothing is forbidden, as long you’re once inside. So, once again, if you’re fan of DJ sets, thick crowds, and dancing, Output will meet your expectations. Some nights, you can enter free until 2 or 3 am. The club works every day.

Hours: Usually opens at 10pm until the morning

Good Room

Address: 98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Brooklyn is always full of surprises and Good Room, as the name suggest, is one of these surprises, which will make you go back again and again. Good Room is a slightly small club, compared to Output, but still, it offers quite an unusual and spacious atmosphere. The club is the creation of big clubbing impresario Steve Lewis, who redesigned the space into simple, but yet eye-catching, thematic interior.

The club has one main DJ set room with dance floor and built-in stage for performances and another smaller room- The Bad Room with large square bar, where you can rest from the hard sound and have a drink. We almost forgot to mention their vinyl wall corner, which proves once more their devotion to music. In Good Room fans can hear less popular, but still powerful sets and DJs.

Hours: Parties usually start at 2am until 6am.

Black Flamingo

Address: 168 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Black Flamingo is another Brooklyn intimate club, standing there as one of DIY music venues, but in contrast with other unpopular spots, Black Flamingo is proving significance on the club scene. The club is a joint project of David Shapiro and Etan Fraiman of Battery Harris alongside Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap), Philipp Jung (M.A.N.D.Y.), Gadi Mizrahi (Wolf & Lamb) to become one of the places made from music lovers to music lovers.

The club has two floors, serving Latin food and tacos on the upper floor and playing beats downstairs. The creators wanted to bring intimate and casual orientated atmosphere to the people. The capacity of the club is 70 people, which means it’s always full. The interior is designed to bring comfort coziness with its wooden walls and red lights.

Hours: You have a snack every day except Monday and Sunday. The music venue works on Wednesday from 12pm to 1pm and from Thursday to Saturday until 4pm.

Flash Factory

Address: 229 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001

Since Manhattan has lost most of its previous glamor in the club life, Flash Factory is one of the clubs, intending to bring back fans to clubs in the borough. Flash Factory is one extraordinary, extravagant venue for live indie and techno music. Besides its preference to the music, Flash Factory is still a VIP club, inviting big names and it’s less underground orientated. And yes, prices will be high, but you’ll have your private seating.

The most remarkable aspect of Flash Factory is its interior of 10 000 square foot club. The design is colorful, mixing styles and materials – stained glass decorations, along with artifacts from a church in the Bronx, combined with three sculpture and wall made of 19th-century doors. Some may call it kitsch, but in fact it’s unusual and exquisite decision for a music venue.

Hours: Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 4:30am

Best Pubs and Bars in NYC

The Dead Rabbit

Address: 30 Water St New York 10004

Dead Rabbit
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The Dead Rabbit is first on our list, as it’s probably the best pub in the city. A modern, cozy Irish pub, offering also cocktails, The Dead Rabbit kept the original Irish spirit, transferring it into a stylish bar. The Irish traditions have roots in American culture. It couldn’t be more visible in the vintage atmosphere of the pub. The Dead Rabbit is an award winning bar, having the prize Word’s Best Bar for 2015, among many other awards.

On the ground floor in the Taproom, you can have craft beer, bottled punch and taste wide range of whiskeys. On the second floor, where’s the cocktail bar you can sit and relax with a cocktail in an elegant and cozy space. The menu includes oysters and clams, cheese, sausages, and chips.

Prices: Beers are $11, whiskeys start from $10 and cocktails are $16. Dinner dishes are between $10 and $ 30.

Hours: The Taproom works every day from 11am to 4am and the cocktail bar from 5pm to 2am, Sunday until midnight. No Reservations are made, service is at the first-come basis.

Death & Company

Address: 433 E 6th St, New York 10009

Death and Co NYC
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If you’re looking for the best cocktails in town, here’s Death & Co for your craziest ideas. One more award winning bar- its Best American Cocktails Bar and World’s Best Cocktails Menu winner. The bar is simply designed to look luxurious. It has a wooden ceiling, dimmed lighting, and refined interior. There you can find some of the best bartenders in NYC, preparing custom cocktails. It a place without reservations, so you can guess it will be full of people.

The menu offers light snacks, as for the drinks, you can choose between, wines, and of course the famous cocktails.

Prices: Snacks are around $12, beers – $8, all cocktails- traditional and custom are $15.

Hours: Mon–Thu, Sun 6pm–2am; Fri, Sat 6pm–3am


Address: 615 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Tørst, coming from the Danish word for thirst is a minimalist, high-end taproom in Brooklyn. It’s a joint project of two Scandinavian masters- the brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø and chef Daniel Burns, who was in charge of Noma in Copenhagen in previous times. They have created a ultra-fine environment for beer tasting, since in Tørst you can try more than 20 craft beers, in constantly changing the menu.

You should go there often, as many of the beers disappear quickly from the list, replaced by new, unpopular but still unique brews. Don’t forget about the wines, they have a list of designer wines to be tasted.

The food menu is small, as minimalist as the interior, kept in Scandinavian taste.

Prices: Beers are around $8, wines $15-30, dishes between $10 and $15

Hours: Mon–Wed, Sun noon–midnight; Thu–Sat noon-2am


Address: 90John Street, NY 10038

133 West 33rd Street, NY 10001

60 East 41st Street, NY10017

Stout NYC Irish Bar
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Stout is s chain of Irish pubs in NYC, as the most popular is the one near Grand Central Terminal, but we suggest to visit the pub in Flagship. It might not be one of the most popular, but as it offers traditional Irish atmosphere and typical interior, it deserves a place in this list.

It could be one of the best places for watching sports and drinking beer in cozy, informal atmosphere of space arranged with wooden furniture and of course wooden bar, combined with brick or stone walls. It’s raw and rough, just enough to point your attention towards the big list of bottled and tap beers.

We will only hint you with some Irish dry stouts, Imperial, Oatmeal or Milk stouts, Belgium ales, Trappist beer and whatever beer style you can think about.

Prices: Starters and burgers in the range of $10-15, main course and pizzas around$17. Bottles beers average price is $7


Mon, Sun- 11:30am- 2am;

Tue, Wen- 11:30am- 3pm;

Thu, Fri, Sat—11:30am- 4pm and Sun 11:30-2am


Address: 113 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009

Image Source

PDT, shortly from Please Don’t Tell is underground “hidden” place. It is among the top 20 of NYC’s best bars. Right beside the popular Crif Dogs- serving deep fried hot dogs- is PDT. It’s accessible through a telephone booth inside Crif Dogs, you only need to pick up the phone handle.

The place is devoted to new cocktail recipes, thanks to the mixologist Jim Meehan. Aside from the original cocktails, you can find home-made ginger beer and the ingredients of which you couldn’t guess. You can order hot dogs and other small snacks from the Crif Dog’s menu. PDT is working strangely, but effectively and it’s preferred by cocktail lovers.

Prices: Drinks start from $12

Hours: Mon–Thu, Sun 6pm–2am; Fri, Sat 6pm–4am

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