Best Cafes and Tea Houses in Central Park

things-to-do May 21, 2021

Best places to grab some breakfast, coffee, and tea in Central Park

We love our coffee. And our tea of course, especially if we want to add something to eat to the (breakfast, brunch, lunch). Whether we need it to kick-start the day or to recharge in the late afternoon, coffee is always a need. If your days happen to start in Central Park more less than not, you’d probably want to know where to get the best of the refreshing beverages so you can start your day properly. That is why we’ve gathered the best five places in the park to get them:

  1. Ballfields Café – Heckscher Ballfields

We bet you know the lovable cottage near the Heckscher Ballfields. It was firstly intended to be changing room for boys who played baseball and cricket. It was designed by Calvert Vaux himself. Today this is the Ballfields Café. It is a very popular destination due to its proximity to the above-mentioned Ballfields, and to the fact that they serve breakfast and lunch, that fit perfectly any taste and dietary plan. You can pick from a rich menu of sandwiches, munchies, salads, and grilled cheese. The drinks menu is on par with the food one, with a great variety of coffee, tea, smoothies, crepes, and the widely popular bubble tea, that are considered the place’s special. They also serve alcoholic drinks, including beer, cider, wine and cocktails. Either if you want to have some rest after an intensive game, or set your mind for victory in an upcoming one, then you definitely must visit  Ballfields Café.

  1. Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien has a couple of locations with completely different layout and offers.

The first one is the Mineral Springs pavilion next to the Sheep Meadow. Being next to one of the top picnic locations of Central Park, it is a popular take-out option amongst people, who want to enjoy their meals on the green grass but for some reason don’t bring their own food. The menu is more quick bite-oriented, with the breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner options include toasts, tartines, croissants, bows, and salads. You can also find a lot of non-alcoholic drinks, as well as wine and beer.

The Snack Shack is located south of the Conservatory Water. It takes pride of the organic dishes that in the menu – from “organic solar-popped popcorn to organic Blue Marble ice cream”. The menu is somewhat similar, with the difference that the LPQ Conservatory water offers warm beverages, sandwiches, BBQ and more. It also has a vestibule which makes it an amazing winter location.

  1. Bluestone Lane

One of the more unique and interesting places around. Bluestone Lane has a couple of locations, too - one opposite the E90th Street entrance to Central Park, and another in the Upper East Side. They are a part of a huge chain with venues all over the US.

They offer a diversity of goods – hot and cold drinks, coffee, tea, toasts, burgers, and salads. The 90th Street location is just next to the  Heavenly Rest Church.

  1. Heavenly Rest Stop

Located at the 5th Avenue, it is a part of the Church of the Heavenly Rest. It offers an amazing array of traditional American meals and some great vegetarian options – you can pick from all sorts of traditional pastry, like pies, sweets – biscotti, macaroon, burgers, toasts, etc. The serenity of this sacred place makes it feel…heavenly.

  1. Museum Cafes

Central Park takes pride in its two museums – American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Whether you’re visiting those two museums or park locations nearby, be sure that there are several great places that you can visit for some bite or a coffee.

  • The New American Wing Café – located on the lower level of The Met. It is a somewhat wider place, offering great views to the park along with some burgers, muffins and bagels.
  • The Balcony Lounge – a classy place with a classy menu, located again at The Met. Visitors of both the museum and the park use it as a calm retreat from all the hustle nearby.
  • Café On One – located in the AMNH, it is considered the best place to get Dino Nuggets, especially after a visit to the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs.

We know that Central Park can consume energy, but don’t let yourself starve or fall asleep. There are some perfect spots that combine great coffee, food and offer a comfortable place for some rest. So, take a break, grab a bite, replenish your energy an carry on in the Park!

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