Angelina Bakery: An Exotic Fusion in the Heart of Manhattan

Jan 10, 2022

Angelina Bakery is a whimsical idea – master baker Antonio “Tony” Park. He has an interesting, international background – a Korean born in Palermo, Sicily, working in New York City. This allows him to draw inspiration from three continents. And some of the finest cuisines in the world, making for one-of-a-kind products.


Angelina Bakery stands proud in two popular locations in Manhattan – Time Square and Garment District. While the second one is the first shop opened by Tony Park, the one on Times Square is Angelina’s flagship location and the jewel in its crown.

Garment District

Angelina on 8th Avenue was the original Angelina where New Yorkers and tourists started the Bombolone craze. With two floors of seating, smart decor and a beautiful sign at the entrance, Tony's Italian Nonna inspired his love of baking and cooking.

Time Square

Angelina Times Square is the ultimate bakery experience. Yes, there's a unique Bombolone of flavors. And a lunch menu that includes pasta and salads. As well as some new pizzas that combine Roman, Sicilian, and Neapolitan flavors and consistency. Also, the latest ice cream, not only in the usual flavors. And from Palermo, Tony's hometown. You can peep the art of baking through a Broadway window and get a taste of it outdoors in a custom Fiat 500.

Future locations

Apart from being an artisan baker, Tony is a skilled entrepreneur. He is currently planning to expand the Angelina Bakery brand across Manhattan with several new locations in Herald Square, near Macy’s, and trendy Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Baking for Broadway

Literally and metaphorically, Angelina Bakery is baking for Broadway. Theater-goers love the place due to its convenient locations.

Broadway's current issues are not foreign for Tony Park. A part of its profit supports the Actors Fund, giving Broadway the boost it needs.

All proceeds of the new “Broadway Bombolone” will benefit The Actors Fund and this special promotion will start on December 1, 2021, through March 1, 2022.

What makes Angelina Bakery so famous are the Bombolone, and not only the Broadway one! The plethora of fine donuts includes (but is certainly not limited to) Mont Blanc, Chantilly Cream, and Boston Cream.

Other excellent sweet goodies include croissants, mini and large cakes, desserts, and tarts.

Of course, Angelina Bakery doesn’t serve only sweets. The focaccias, the pizzas, and the salads are top quality and can easily transport you to Italy.

A famous place

Many famous media outlets featured Angelina Bakery! And the Broadway Bombolones were not the first thing that got covered. Its famous products got Tony and his bakery on the pages of Forbes, ABC, The New York Times, and many more!

In Conclusion

The unique fusion between Korean, Italian, and American dishes, and Tony Park’s attitude towards every detail, iced with social engagement are in the foundation of Angelina Bakery and its success. We’re more than certain that the place and the chef are yet to gain fame all over Manhattan and will reach one height after another!

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