Central Park Bike Rental

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Our bicycle rental has been ranked as one of the top 5 things to do in Central Park by TripAdvisor. It is the only tour that covers the entire length of Central Park and it provides an excellent overview of the whole park.

The tour takes approximately 2 hours and it includes various stops along the way. At those stops, you can park bicycles and go for a short stroll along some of the most stunning views of Central Park.

Including Bethesda Terrace, Strawberry Fields, The Bow Bridge, Balto, and many more. In addition, you will also visit some of the hidden places in Central Park - the Ravine, the secret waterfall, and of course our teams favorite - the Central Park Ramble!

Top attractions

covered on this tour

1. Explore Belvedere Castle

Located just 2 minutes away from the Shakespeare Garden, Belvedere castle is a famous lookout place, overlooking the Great Lawn and Turtle Pond. There is also a bike rack near the castle

2. Explore The Ramble

Connected by the Bow Bridge, the Ramble is a 36-acre woodland with winding pathways and lush greenery. The most famous bird-watching spot in Central Park

3. The Sheep Meadow

This is an iconic picnic spot. Right across from Tavern on the Green, Sheep Meadow offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and lush Kentucky blue grass!

4. The waterfall in the Ravine

Located in the north end of Central Park. The Ravine is One of the few left secrets in the park. Very few people know about it and the fact that there is a waterfall there.

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How big is Central Park and how long it will take me to bike around the whole park?

Central Park is the second largest urban park in the United States. It spans from 59th street all the way to 110 street. It is a bike friendly park with 2 bike lanes. There are no cars inside the park, so don’t worry. If you decide to bike around the whole park at a normal pace, it will take you around 90 minutes to complete the loop .